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Austal Ships Buoyant

Freemantle, known around the world as a hub of maritime activity has, just to its south, the town of Henderson, also flourishing from the expanding marine industry.

All manner of craft, from small runabouts and pleasure boats, to larger fishing, cruise and passenger vessels are taking shape every day in this bustling satellite facility.

Award-winning Austal Ships is one of the major players in town, turning out an extremely impressive assortment of ferries and patrol boats, and currently has over 20 such projects either under construction or on order. Austal, who employ over 1100 workers, didn't arrive at their dominant position by accident. Nearly 20% of their workforce is involved is accredited training programs, a fact that enabled them to win the 1998 Employer of the Year award. One year ago the company was "floated" on the stock exchange and over 30% of employees became shareholders - a fact that shows in the pride and finish of the company's vessels.

The more than twenty vessels that were either ordered or built in the last twelve months are destined for customers in such diverse locations as Denmark, New Caledonia, Turkey, Guadeloupe and the French Caribbean. More than enough for Austal to collect Australia's top export award for manufacturing.

Castrol is pleased to play a part in this Australian success story, having supplied the majority of initial fill lubricants to the recently delivered "Jonathon Swift", the world's first 40 knot Irish pub!

This 400 tonne, 86 metre semi-swath hulled catamaran is powered by four enormous Caterpillar Type 3618 engines with a combined output of almost 30,000 kW. The "Jonathon Swift" went into service earlier this year, ferrying up to 800 passengers and 200 vehicles on the busy Dublin to Holyhead run.

The lubrication schedule for this state-of-the-art, high speed ferry reads like the Castrol marine product catalogue with MXD154 performing the frontline duty in the engines and gearboxes. The Seamax, Hyspin, Aircol and Spheerol ranges are also represented in the various ancillary equipment like compressors, alternators and hydraulic ride controls.

In order to meet their primary commitment of quality performance, Austal must place demands, not only on their workforce, but also their suppliers. Castrol is perfectly placed to service the critical requirements of customers like Austal with extensive back-up and support networks which includes, not only our comprehensive range of lubricants, greases and fluids, but the ability to tailor products to satisfy unique applications.

"Austal and Castrol have a pleasantly co-dependent relationship. The reliability, quality and broad specifications in the Castrol range make them an ideal supplier for our many and varied requirements." said Clare Stannard of Austal.

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