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Mad About Lil 

The story of Bruce Rose and Diamond Lil could almost be a movie. Set in the balmy tropics of far north Queensland, the pair tackle adversity on a daily basis. Bruce, a twelve-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week professional fisherman, Diamond Lil a sparkling 15 metre steel hulled prawn trawler.

For fourteen years the unusual duo have plied the capricious waters off Cairns, trawling for the lucrative Tiger and King Prawns. A night’s work can mean up to 15 hours hard yakka, with seas sometimes swelling to four metres and blowing nearly 40 knots. Not the sort of occasion on which to have an engine go down.

Three years ago, as part of Lil’s fastidious owner’s routine, the Cummins 855NTA 350 HP main engine was replaced after 30,000 hours at sea. Despite the stresses that kind of work puts on every part of a boat, Lil’s powerplant was ready for another 30,000 hours with little or no maintenance. A testament to the quality of the machinery, Bruce’s meticulous servicing with Castrol RX Super and perhaps a little bit of Lil’s return affection.

Cummins’s chief diesel fitter remarked that the engine was in exceptional condition for the work performed, and even suggested refitting the same engine. But Bruce had promised Lil a brand new 855 and that was what she was going to get. Cummins sold the old one straight away, going into service as an auxiliary generator at a major resort.

Bruce, despite his romantic passion for the sea, is still pragmatic about the upkeep of  “what is, after all, just a business machine.”

“Your boat is both your livelihood and your home at sea.” Says Bruce “It has to be run like a business as well as be comfortable for yourself and four crew.”

 “Cut corners on maintenance and you go broke. It’s that simple.

“RX Super has proven itself with Lil. She wouldn’t touch a drop of anything else!”

Castrol has clearly played a part in the success of Diamind Lil and Bruce Rose. By keeping engine maintenance to a minimum and eliminating costly failures, Bruce has been able to keep Lil at sea for all of the 300 days a year she normally works, maximising his catch and profit.

Castrol’s RX Super is a premium performance, low ash, SAE 15W-40 multigrade engine oil, ideally suited to US engines in tough circumstances. You can count on RX Super for minimal oil consumption, durability under Australian conditions and constant, “stay-in-grade” performance.


Castrol RX Super Premium Performance Diesel Engine Oil is a true stalwart in the Castrol range.

Developed in Australia and primarily for high output, US-made diesel engines, this 15W-40 oil provides users with a wide safety margin in respect of minimal oil consumption and consistent viscosity throughout the entire drain period - and beyond.

Mixed fleet operators will also benefit from its suitability in petrol and LPG fuelled engines.