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Bill and Tammy Hickey are battlers in the bush. Not 'battlers' in the usual sense however, because they're winning! And they're winning because they make the right decisions about the things that concern them most.

The Hickey's small transport business operates three prime movers out of Cunnamulla in Central Queensland. The trucks clock up around 3,000 hours per year carrying livestock on both sealed and unsealed surfaces in harsh outback conditions. The oldest, a Cummins N14-powered White, recently underwent a 1,000,000 kilometre/15,000 hour overhaul.

Inspection of the pistons and liners after this hauling marathon revealed that they were still in top condition. In fact, they were so good that they could have been replaced for another stint.

"We switched all our trucks over to RX Super when we started off back in '86," says Bill "and when I saw these pistons, I realised why we did."

Castrol's RX Super was developed here in Australia over 15 years ago for people just like Bill Hickey. Castrol knew Australia needed a diesel engine oil that performed under this country's diverse and stressful conditions. Imported oils just don't know how hard we do things down under.

RX Super's exceptional stay-in-grade performance and viscosity stability are major factors in delivering these types of results. Inferior oils do not offer the same resistance to thickening and piston deposit control as RX Super, contributing to reduced engine service life and higher long-term maintenance costs.

Bill's message to other transport operators is clear. Make the right choice up front and stay with it. RX Super is his weapon against diesel engine wear.

Product spotlight:

Castrol RX Super 15W-40 multigrade is the ideal oil for most American heavy-duty diesel engines, easily surpassing the API CG-4 diesel specifications. You can count on it for exceptional oil consumption control and engine wear benefits.