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Top Cats Down Under 

Queensland-based Noosa Cat Australia, delivers a range of world-class, all-weather powered catamarans built on a solid Australian heritage.

Say 'Shark Cat' to any boatie and immediately the intrepid twin-hulled, power catamaran comes to mind. Conceived and built by professional fisherman, Bruce Harris, back in the early 1970s, the name Shark Cat become synonymous with stability, comfort and all weather performance.

Like so many otherwise profitable enterprises, the 1980s hit many hard and SharkCat was one. Rescued in 1990 by current Managaing Director, Wayne Hennig, the powercat was reborn with a new and revitalised purpose.

Now trading as Noosa Cat Australia Pty Ltd, the new company boasts a range of nearly twenty different craft. Such has been the explosive success of the new vessels, they are now used by a large number of police, service and rescue groups. So many in fact, that they are singularly the most widely used of their type in Australia today.

Coast Guards, Water Police, Search and Rescue, Lifesavers and Port Authorities, both here and overseas, have such a high regard for the 7.1 to 8.8 metre (700/800 series) "Shark Cats" that production facilities have nearly doubled in less than ten years.

Fans of the popular "Water Rats" TV series regularly see two Noosa Cat vessels in crime-fighting costume. The 10m 3900 series "Nemesis" and the 7m 2600 series Open Cuddy accurately depict vessels used in identical roles both here and internationally.

Such an envious position is not arrived at by accident. Combine a quality design, world-standard production techniques and the ability to meet customers' expectations in all respects and you have the Noosa Cat formula for success.

Castrol is pleased to play a small, yet crucial part in Noosa Cat's success. Anti-Freeze 350, AWS Series Hydraulic Fluids, the stalwart RX Super and Seamax diesel engine oils and Super OB XP (TCW3) two-stroke oil are all mainstays in the Noosa Cat inventory.

Volvo Penta stern drives are the powerplant of choice, but Noosa Cat will fit any engine the client desires, including shaft drives and jets. Castrol, naturally, have products to suit any conceivable combination.

Tork cleaning products and Macnaught greasing and pumping equipment are also used extensively throughout the 50,000 square foot factory.

"Castrol and I go back nearly twenty five years," says Wayne. "They always keep us up to date with the latest marine and engineering products. That, and their enormous range make Castrol a welcome partner in our enterprise."

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