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When considering whether or not to order a protected appeal vote, the Commission must be satisfied that the negotiators of the workers who requested the election actually tried to reach an agreement. Today, Catholic teachers took union action in Sydney and gathered to protest the CCER`s decision to obstruct their right to Arbitraiton in their latest company agreement. Although not a strictly contemporary factor, the current environment has highlighted the distinction between conflicts of objectives between the parties by generally defending a mixture of analogous positions (e.g. B to reach an agreement) and yet polarized (e.g. B in order to reduce costs compared to the increase in wages). If you are unable to continue with the EA standard business model, keep the licenses provided under the EA and then you can purchase maintenance as needed. Subscription EAs provide licenses for the duration of the agreement. When a contract of employment is put to the vote of the workers, it does not mean that the negotiations are over and dusted off at that time. Earlier this month`s decision by the Federal Court of Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union against CUB Pty Ltd [2015] FCA 692 clarified that misleading statements made before the vote could put an end to the authorisation procedure. To avoid this, employers should directly encourage their managers to minimize the potential for misleading statements during negotiations.

The union is about to conclude new company agreements (EAs) that apply to workers in the NSW and ACT`s systemic Catholic schools. The union is in the midst of negotiations with the Catholic Labour Relations Board and we are now waiting for us to be able to support a new NSW and ACT Catholic Systemic Schools Enterprise Agreement 2020 for employee coordination in late October or early November. Members will recall the current Company Agreement (EA) for teachers and auxiliary staff at NSW and ACT Catholic Systemic Schools, which expired at the end of 2016. EAs offer flexible software management. They can be tailored to your needs based on licensing and EA type. EAs are used to provide unlimited quantities of selected Esri products during the term of the contract. The agreement on the enterprise of Catholic systemic schools in NSW and ACT expires on December 31 of this year and union members are asked to meet and support a new demand. The union met with the Catholic Commission on Labour Relations (CCER) about a new company agreement that will apply from January 2020 to teachers and auxiliary staff.

So far, the RERAB has accepted a number of the union`s demands, but many key issues remain unanswered. Letters were distributed by CSO and CEO principals to 11 dioceses in NSW and ACT to Catholic school staff, where the Union`s position was openly attacked and accused of spreading lies. A few days after the vote in favour of a new company agreement, this move is a desperate attempt by the CCER to induce its members to vote in favour of the agreement, although it jeopardizes all its working conditions and wages. . . .

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