Child Maintenance Agreements

Use the child maintenance calculator to get an idea of how much you could pay or receive. The amount of support to be paid depends on the income of the paying parent. To avoid difficulties on the other line, it is important that the amount is realistic and that it is subject to regular review. It is also important to remember that a court will not decide that a child cannot see a parent because they do not pay for child maintenance. There is a lot of help with setting up private agreements and there are many advantages for a private agreement: the CMS offers an outright calculation service called Direct Maintenance. This means that the CMS prepares the amount of maintenance of the child due, but you pay one another directly and not through the CMS. Direct Maintenance is only suitable if you are happy to agree among your own when and how the money will be paid. Bringing your case to court is rarely the best way to deal with a child-related food situation, and we recommend using it as a last resort. However, there are situations when a legal petition may be appropriate, for example: if your child`s other parent lives abroad, you cannot use the CMS to arrange child maintenance, unless your child`s other parent is: the main advantage of family-based maintenance contracts is that they cost nothing and can be arranged and changed easily and quickly, if need be. This would mean that the couple would agree on the amount to be paid; how and when payments are made; and how to amend agreements if necessary. This would allow a party to pay for items instead of paying: z.B. the purchase of a new school uniform instead of a regular payment.

Family allowances should be paid for the following children: Divorce can be one of the most emotionally taxing experiences a couple can have, and if young children are involved, it can become much more boring. . . .

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