Cmts License Agreement

The Internet Service Providers (ISP) policy was announced in November 1998. The taker is bound by the terms and conditions of the licence agreement as well as by these provisions/directions/provisions of the TRAI Act 1997, as amended from time to time by the licensee/TRAI. CCA office fees like First DoT Cells were created on 01-10-2000 with the extension of the range of functions delegated to DoT cells, the nomenclature was modified in the Office of Controller of Communications Accounts, as a unit filed by DoT. The collection of legal taxes in the telecommunications sector, such as fees and spectrum charges from telecommunications service providers under Section IV of the Indian Telegraph Act, 1985 for the provision of various telecommunications services in the bihar services sector from January 2004. The terms of the licence impose gross revenue, adjusted gross product, percentage of royalty payable, etc. The underwriter is entitled to deduct gross sales and adjusted gross sales (AGR) on the basis of which the provider must pay the levy on the basis of the prescribed percentage and deposit them quarterly on the basis of self-assessment. Statement from Audited Revenue and License Fee Statement (AGR Statement) for each quarter separately for the year in question. Audit reconciliation statement that reconciles the difference in revenue between the gross revenue figures of the profit and loss account and the audited sales and royalty costs for the year in question. Account of audited profits and losses and audited balance sheets as well as the calendar of the year in question. Annual report for the company for the year in question - Details of the AU paid for each quarter of the year mentioned - Service tax details, VAT charged, collection and paid to the government. In addition, the CCA office ensures that government fees are properly assessed for the levy and deposited into the government account within the prescribed time frame. The work related to the evaluation and collection of the levy with respect to ISPs has been decentralized CCA empty offices DoT HQ. O.M No.

1-6 (2001)/LF (vol.II) of 24.09.2008 with effect in fiscal year 2008-2009. Following the modification of the licence agreement, a one-time fee of 8% of the AGR will be paid by the ISP-IT licensee from 2013-14. The royalties for the evaluation of spectrum charges were decentralized by doT HQ empty Letter No.1000-56/2004-WFD of February 6, 2013. . Petition 429/2012 With a different request 310/2012 | 12-10-2012 For the purposes of arriving at the AGR, the following items are excluded from gross revenues to move to the AGR: . . In addition, work has been done on the penalties imposed on unchecked subscribers and on the non-compliance with EMF radiation standards to telecommunications service providers by TERM Cell and on subsequent coordination with the TERM cell of the CCA facility. The following documents must be submitted by all ISP and FAI-IT licensees for the assessment of the fee payable for a given year. The verification status of deductions made in the Bihar Circle is as follows: CCA, Bihar Circle, the verification of the deduction is alleged by service providers UASL, CMTS, Basic, Unified Licenses according to authorized deductions such as pstn charges, roaming charges, service tax, revenue tax, is claimed in the AGR verified quarterly with vouchers such as bill/ debit of accounts, bank statements and other proof of payments. Deductions, such as leased and port taxes, infrastructure charges, debt defaults, and emergency calls were not allowed for deductions. The status of verification of deductions made in bihar Circle is as follows: i Internet access charges, Internet content and Internet access in relation to installation fees.

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