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Almost all UNIL students are subject to so-called "general" agreements. Therefore, applications are not evaluated by your faculty, but by an interdisciplinary selection committee. You should therefore apply to the Office of Social Affairs and Student Mobility, not to your own faculty. If you request a goal as part of a general agreement as a first choice before December 1st and you are unfortunately not accepted, you will know in late January or early February. This means that you have the option to reapply for a SEMP contract or faculty contract before February 20. Finally, you can reapply until April 15 to study under a general agreement, but only for the spring semester of the following year, if places are still available in one of the destinations you are interested in. Application deadline: 1 December for the following year (autumn semester and/or spring semester). Another deadline for destinations still available after the December 1 deadline is another date on April 15, but only for exchanges from the spring of the following academic year. The target group is usually a student from all UNIL faculties, with the exception of the medical school. Covered geographical areas: Africa, Asia, America, Europe, Oceania. .

UNIL is also part of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) network, which allows students to study at universities in the United States. Since there is a separate application process, interested students should contact Mr. Olivier GoumoƩns (SASME) before starting their application. Warning: Only log in when your app file is full and you`re ready to send your app. Please complete the application form only if you are ready to complete your application. If you left the form before, you lose all your data and you need to launch a new application! Please carefully read the G, H and me points above before you start your application. Submit your application via the online application form below: Social Affairs and Student Mobility Office (SASME).

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