Mcmaster Ta Collective Agreement

Mitra explained that the union was not consulted by the university on this decision and that the university justifies its exclusion from unofficial TAs because of the wording of its collective agreement. We recently ratified a collective agreement, of which we have an interim copy. This agreement is now in force and will run from December 12, 2019 to August 31, 2022. Please note that the above verification agreement is being processed for consistency reasons. We will publish the final draft when it is available. Doug Welch, Vice-Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies: 1-905-525-9140 x 24205 or - Sean Van Koughnett, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students: 1-905-525-9140 x 27455 or "We look forward to introducing this agreement to our members so that they have the opportunity to verify their content and vote whether they accept it or not," said Nathan Todd, President of CUPE 3906. The presentation of a no board report puts pressure on both the union and the employer to reach an agreement before the expiry of that period, provided that both parties are ready to negotiate. On behalf of all those involved in the negotiation of this agreement, we thank you very much for your participation. Please follow your emails to find other developments, as we are always looking for ways to discuss and consult with Unit 2 members about their working conditions at McMaster. We were asked for the details of the preliminary agreement.

Apart from the statement below, there will be no public comment until members have been given the opportunity to provide details as part of the ratification process https:/ McMaster University and the local teachers` union reached a provisional agreement prior to the union`s strike. "Our discussions at the negotiating table have been very productive and we are pleased to have been able to reach an interim agreement well before the strike deadline expires," said Doug Welch, Chair of McMaster University`s Bargaining Committee. The previous agreement between TAs and the University stipulated that Ontario teaching assistants are recognized by the university as part of the agreement. Mitra stated, however, that this was widely interpreted by the union as teaching assistants working for McMaster, an Ontario-based institution. The 2011-2016 collective agreement is available here. A collective agreement is a legally binding discussion paper that defines all your benefits (including salaries), rights and obligations as McMaster employees.

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