Model Concession Agreement Upsc

A proposed PPP refers to a project based on a contract or concession agreement between a government or legal body, on the one hand, and a private enterprise company, on the other, for the provision of a service for the payment of user fees. The rights and obligations of all parties involved, including the government, users and the concessionaire, come mainly from the RELEVANT PPP contracts. But both models have increased the financial burden for NHAI and garnered criticism from several sides. The most common form of boot concession in India. For example, greenfield are smaller port concessions in Gujarat based on BOOT. The private sector is responsible for the complete provision of services in a particular area, including operation, maintenance, collection, management, construction and renovation of the system. The operator is now responsible for all capital investments, while the assets are also held by the public sector during the concession period. The role of the public sector shifts from the service provider to the regulation of price and quality of services. z.B. water distribution concession for a city or area within the city. India currently has 12 major ports. The new MCA is expected to attract more investment from the private sector and even from foreign players.

The provision that provides dealers with beneficial long-term means will help to improve the financial viability of projects. The provision allowing dealers to issue bonds after one year of operation will help them refinance debts and optimize project financing costs. The removal of the ambiguous provisions of the existing McA will be a good sign for the growth of the port sector. It is generally a useful document to form the basis of a port concession agreement. The following questions should be considered as a model of agreement - and should be part of a feasibility study for each proposed project. The contract for the construction of motorway projects will only be awarded when 90 per cent of the land is acquired, which will be part of the state`s precedent. This is a must, and the private developer (concessionaire) must file a letter in which he satisfies that 90 percent of the land has been acquired before resuming the project. The Ministry of Navigation has proposed a new standard concession agreement (MCA) for the port sector.

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