Pa Collective Agreement 2019

"PSAC members have given our union bargaining teams a clear mandate to negotiate tariff improvements, not backtracking," said Mr. Aylward. PSAC has successfully negotiated compensation for damages in Phoenix, which is significantly better than the employer`s agreement with other federal bargaining partners. Last year, the PSAC rejected the government`s meagre offer of 5 days of cash vacations, which was not enough and would have rewarded those who earn more while penalizing workers who earn less. The current agreement provides for a fair and equitable lump sum payment of $2,500 for PSAC members. The government`s latest proposal to increase wages by only 1.5% per year over four years is a real reduction in wages. In addition, government negotiators continue to pursue contractual concessions, including the repeal of the previously negotiated mental health agreement. Negotiations on new collective agreements for most members began more than a year ago, but the government has repeatedly rejected our reasonable proposals for a fair settlement. Like the Phoenix compensation agreement, jointly developed by the federal government and other negotiators in 2019, the agreement includes measures to help those who have had unreought financial costs and capital income and who have experienced personal and financial difficulties. The agreement also includes general compensation for current and former PSAC employees. In a victory for federal public servants who supported Canadians across borders during this pandemic, PSAC reached an interim agreement that provides fair wages, no concessions and improved working conditions for the 70,000 members of the PA group and the common affairs of the Department of Finance. The three-year interim agreement applies to nearly 84,000 federal public servants represented and not represented in the Programs and Administrative Services (PA) group. The interim agreement would increase the economy and the group overall by 6.64 per cent over three years until July 2021, the smallest increase recorded last year, in line with the current economic environment.

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