Signing Of The Framework Agreement

NOTING that, if the Parties decide, within the framework of this Agreement, to conclude specific agreements in the area of freedom, security and justice which should be concluded by the Union in accordance with Title V of Part Three of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, the provisions of those future agreements would be binding on the United Kingdom and/or Ireland, where the Union informs Australia, together with the United Kingdom and/or Ireland, in respect of their respective previous bilateral relations, that the United Kingdom and/or Ireland have been bound by those agreements as members of the Union in accordance with Protocol (No 21) on the position of the United Kingdom and Ireland as regards the area of freedom; Security and justice annexed to the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. Similarly, subsequent internal Union measures adopted under the abovementioned Title V for the implementation of this Agreement shall not be binding on the United Kingdom and/or Ireland, unless they have indicated that they wish to participate in or adopt such measures in accordance with Protocol No 21. Furthermore, as regards the fact that such future agreements or subsequent internal measures of the European Union would fall within the scope of Protocol (No 22) on the position of Denmark annexed to those Treaties. 3. The Parties shall endeavour to implement the Agreement between the European Union and Australia establishing a framework for Australia`s participation in European crisis management operations (c) request, where appropriate, information from committees or other bodies established under other agreements between the Parties and shall take into account all reports submitted by them; 2. The Parties agree, taking into account their respective economic policies and objectives and the promotion of trade, to strengthen cooperation on raw materials in order to strengthen a global framework based on rules on trade in raw materials and to promote transparency in global commodity markets. (2) In this context, and taking into account the United Nations Comprehensive Strategy against Terrorism and its reviews, as set out in United Nations General Assembly Resolution 60/288 of 8 September 2006, the Parties agree to cooperate in preventing and combating terrorist acts, in particular by: 4. The Parties agree to establish, within the framework of the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum and its working groups, in close cooperation. 4.

In the unlikely and unexpected event that no solution acceptable to both Parties has been found after 15 days after the start of the ministerial consultations and no later than 45 days after the referral to the Joint Committee, each Party may decide to take appropriate measures with regard to this Agreement, including the suspension of its provisions or its termination. The Parties recognize that a particular case of urgency may also serve as a ground for taking appropriate measures outside of this Agreement, in accordance with the rights and obligations of the Parties under other instruments between the Parties or under general international law. . . .

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