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You can create, validate, post and view commercial agreements in D365 F&O. One thing that Users/Analyzers of Dynamics 365 solutions often forget is that setting the decimal to the unit of measure also impacts log lines for trade agreements. If you need to set up prices/discounts for a sub-unit of a product (half a roll, a quarter case, etc.), you cannot do so if the unit of measure is configured to a decimal place of 0. If the line discount and the multi-line discount are valid for the order, it is used in combination according to the deposit accounting parameter. For more information, see the previous blog trade agreement (price/discount agreement) in AX - Setup. 9. Once the trade agreements have been concluded, they will be displayed under the group form under the "Trade Agreement" button. If there are business agreements for the account code table, group and everyone, then the search engine for trade agreements prefers table, group and all or returns the price or discounts for orders (as described in my last post: Trade agreement (price/discount) in AX - Setup) In this article, I will explain the process of developing trade agreements and the importance of different areas in a trade journal. Where trade agreements are established and reserved, data on trade agreements are included in the following tables in the AOT. These are very useful for adapting or solving the technical problems that arise in the agreements. Once the validation is successful, you can publish the Journal in order to make the price and discounts active in the trade agreement. Once it is active, it can be searched for valid prices and discounts for orders.

Click "OK" to publish the log. You can also configure a stack for this. 2. Enable the checkbox for each type of agreement on each tab corresponding to a desired sales business agreement type. 5. When you click the New button, the new line is created to request the name of the log which is mandatory (for this reason, it is important to create log names beforehand when creating a business agreement. Multiple log names can be created for different purposes, for example. B price agreement journal, discount agreement journal, price adjustment journal, RFQ price and discount journal, etc., which makes it easy to select a suitable magazine name for a particular use. This will make it easier to consolidate all similar trade agreement journals for reporting and analysis purposes) 22. Discount Percentage 1 and Discount Percentage 2: It is to set the line discount, multi-line discount and/or overall discount percentage in the trade agreement for different sales or purchase transactions....

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