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Winning share of market starts with winning share of mind

Modern marketing means building your brand one relationship at a time.Seth Godin.87% of people are researching their travel options online before booking, often going to a travel agent with their minds already made up.

Whether you sell direct or through the trade, you must build your brand and win share of mind by engaging and communicating with prospective customers when they are still open to persuasion – when they are dreaming and researching their perfect holiday. is a success-based advertising and prospect acquistion channel that will help you reach these potential customers easily and cost-effectively.

It's free to list and free to be seen on the service; you only pay when prospects actually register their interest in your product. And, at only $4.50 per prospect, this is superpowered direct marketing – you don't need to go looking for your potential customers, they find you.

Testimonials – see what operators and prospects say about the service.

Do more with less has become a leading online resource for Australians researching their holiday options. Join us and discover the most cost-effective, risk-free way of growing your share of mind.

  • The most cost-effective brand-building you can do with FREE unlimited impressions and careful positioning to attract your target audience.
  • Build your marketing muscle – turn suspects into prospects at a higher rate and at a lower cost.
  • Extend your net without the expense and risk of Pay-per-Click advertising.
  • Get in early and establish your brand's value before the rush for "deals".
  • Always-on – be seen and be engaged by people looking for your product (or something similar)

No minimum contracts – no risk

You can increase, decrease, change or withdraw your brochure display at any time without penalty – no risk.

  • works purely on a success basis and you only pay for the prospects that we send you ($4.50 per prospect acquired).
  • No display or set up costs.
  • No ongoing fees, other than the cost per prospect.
  • No minimum contracts.

Getting started is easy

  • All we need from you is your digital brochures. We'll set everything up for you and email you a link to review.
  • You can offer your brochure as digital or printed, or you can let prospects choose the format.
  • Use your existing fulfilment processes for any requests for printed brochures in the mail.

Give it a go today

<p "="">I hope we can work together to enable you to make the most of the system. <p "="">Getting started is easy. Email me now and you'll get your first prospects within just a few days. <p "="">Cheers <p "="">Roderick Eime

Roderick Eime 0418 214 028


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