Verizon Master Service Agreement

A. Subject to Section 10 below, you will compensate, defend and compensate Verizon Media entities for any actual or alleged third-party claims arising from or in connection with your information and advertisements, the use of a Verizon Media Company program or website, or the violation of the advertising agreement by your users or authorized users (together" Your claims "). You are solely responsible for defending your actions against a Verizon Media entity, subject to the right of this Verizon Media entity to participate with a lawyer of its choice, at its own expense, and for the payment of all judgments, transactions, damages, losses, expenses, fees and expenses, including reasonable legal fees arising from all your claims against a Verizon Media entity, provided that you do not accept any agreement that imposes an obligation or liability on a Verizon media unit. B. Subject to section 10 below, we will defend and compensate you for any real or alleged third-party claims that result (i) from a violation by our technology of a customary copyright or brand that generates and places ads. taking into account the use of Verizon Media systems in accordance with the advertising agreement, with the exception of data generated by Analytics, search content, announcements, results we provide and/or content, from you or a third party, including others from our advertisers or end-users, and/or your technology and/or a third party, and (ii) our violation of the advertising agreement. We are solely responsible for defending all Verizon Media claims, subject to your right, with a lawyer of your choice, at your own expense, and for the payment of all judgments, transactions, damages, losses, expenses and expenses, including reasonable legal fees arising from the above, provided that we do not consent to any agreement that will impose an obligation or liability on you without your prior written consent. Notwithstanding the other provisions of the advertising agreement, we have no liability or compensation for the advertising contract relating to Verizon Media Claim, to the extent that it is based on the following reasons: (i) modification of a program, Verizon Media Company`s website and/or your technology, an authorized user or a third party, (ii) the combination or use of a program and/or technology with software, services, products or technologies on your part, or (iii) misuse of Verizon Media Company`s programs and/or technology. c. The parties compensated (n) (i) will immediately inform the compensated party of the claim in question (provided that an omission or delay in making such notification available does not exonerate the obligations of the compensated party, unless they are affected by such a default or delay) and (ii) cooperate reasonably at the expense of the compensated party to defend that claim. 21.4 Software and documentation. Software that is not subject to other separate agreements or licenses is made available to the Customer under the following agreement from Verizons Standard Software. The customer receives a personal license, not exclusive, non-transferable, not under-conceded for the use of the software, only in the form of object code, only in connection with services for the customer`s internal commercial purposes on clean or leased devices by the customer (under license).

The customer does not use the software in relation to third-party products and/or services, nor to provide services for the benefit of third parties, including and without restriction as a service office.

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