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EOS 20DProduct Name: Canon EOS 20D

Canon’s brand new digital SLR continues to extend the capabilities of the famed EOS line.

Manufacturer: Canon Australia
Price: A$2799.00 (body only) as at Nov 2004
Release Date: August 2004

Ideal For: Pros, semi-pros and advanced amateurs


  • Huge resolution (8.2 MP)
  • Familiar EOS controls
  • Huge range of accessories
  • Generous software bundle


  • Loud, ‘clunky’ mirror noise on shutter release
  • Poor fitting on optional BG-E2 grip
  • Limited initial stock

Features: 1/2

Ease of Use: 1/2



.A state-of-the-art, mid-priced digital SLR that has enough features to satisfy most professionals as well as keeping advanced amateurs engaged. Canon continues to raise the bar with the new EOS 20D.


Even though the 20D is priced way below Canon’s flagship dSLR, the EOS 1Ds, it still packs an impressive array of features derived from the EOS 1D Mk.II into a rugged metal casing that will satisfy all but the most demanding professionals.

Replacing the acclaimed EOS 10D, the new 20D adds extra resolution (30%), extra speed (40%), an uprated DiG!C II image processor plus EF-S compatibility for Canon’s new range of budget AF lenses plus a - all this in a slightly smaller, lighter package.

The 20D is now fully across some of the earlier issues of digital SLRs, namely poor low light focussing and image noise thanks to the new signal processor. White balance (WB) has always been a bit tricky with CMOS equipped dSLRs so it pays to familiarise yourself with the WB settings on your camera. EOS dSLRs have up to nine WB presets for shade, cloudy, fluro lights etc. The 20D even allows WB bracketing!

Minor gripes include a poor fitting on the optional BG-E2 grip and lack of compatibility with earlier grips ie BG-ED3. You will also find buying one a bit difficult initially. Canon Australia often have trouble meeting the demand when new models are released.

Note: Canon has released a firmware upgrade (v 1.0.5) that should be applied to all 20Ds. Check this immediately if you purchase one.

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