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Product Name: Canon EOS 300D (aka Digital Rebel)

Canon’s ground-breaking entry-level digital SLR continues to offer outstanding value for money

Manufacturer: Canon Australia
Price: A$1999.00 (inc 18-55 lens) as at Nov 2004
Release Date: August 2003

Ideal For: Making the move from a compact to a digital SLR


  • Excellent performance for price
  • High Resolution
  • Advanced features
  • Great software bundle


  • Trimmed controls/features may disappoint advanced users
  • Plastic body lacks durability
  • Limited (or no) manual overrides on presets

Features: 1/2

Ease of Use: 1/2

Overall: 1/2


The 300D is an ideal camera for those who have fully explored the limits of compacts and want to move up, or those with a basic 35mm who now want to “come over” to digital.


The 300D is well-appointed digital SLR that will not threaten or unnerve those still new to the digital form. With bags of resolution (6.3MP) and a suite of leading-edge features like PictBridge printer compatibility, DiG!C processor and seven-point auto-focus, the 300D meets the needs of the mass market without compromising Canon’s enviable reputation in SLR technology.

The 300D is an ideal transitional camera, as back panel controls are more in line with those on compacts. Having said that, the simplified layout is likely to leave advanced users and semi-pros wanting, especially those used to the standardised, familiar layouts on Canon 35mm EOS cameras, like the multi-purpose rear thumbwheel and Custom Functions (CF). More demanding and experienced users are better off considering the superb new 20D.

The standard lens is a budget unit and although excellent value, all lower priced lenses have some compromises. If you can, upgrade to one of the conventional units; the 24-85 f3.5-4.5 USM being a good choice.

Already on the market for over 12 months, the 300D’s ground-breaking features and price/performance model are now benchmarks, allowing a more relaxed decision for those hankering after a digital SLR – and a dead easy sell for camera stores!

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