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Product Name: Casio EX-P700

Casio upgrades its topshelf ‘pro’ compact, adding an innovative array of features.

Manufacturer: Casio
Price: $1199.00 as at Nov 2004

Ideal For:

Advanced compact users who like added flexibility and features in a very portable package.


  • Expanded feature set
  • Large (2”) LCD screen


  • No RAW support
  • No hotshoe
  • Expensive


Ease of Use:



Casio’s attempt to offer a pro-friendly camera falls down in a couple of key areas, relegating it to a useful tool for advanced amateurs.


The new P700 sports a large (2”) screen and Canon-sourced 4x optical zoom lens as well as intuitive features and user assistance that will give users a ‘pro’ feel, if not true ‘pro’ functionality.

Most appealing is the extended menu system that explains the 27 preset shooting modes for added flexibility. Choosing shooting functions under the BestShot setting is assisted by a brief explanation of camera setup and even a graphic representation of sample composition. Some of the modes are bit superfluous, like ‘Pet’ and ‘Food’, but nonetheless can fasttrack you to getting the shot you’re after. As a tool for business, there is even a mode for documents and whiteboards that claims to straighten vertical lines.

Despite some reservations, the P700 is a capable and intelligent device more likely to appeal to some users than others based on their needs. By all means consider this camera, but make sure you aren’t paying for features you’ll never use.

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