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Product Name: Casio QV-R61

Casio have uprated the acclaimed QV-R range with a flagship boasting faster, higher quality image processing and reduced power consumption.

Manufacturer: Casio
Price: $699.00 as at Nov 2004

Ideal For: First-timers who want a potent, stylish package without the clutter of knobs and dials.


  • Huge (2”) LCD Screen
  • Compact, stylish package
  • Good internal memory (9.7MB)
  • AA battery power


  • No RAW support
  • No printed User Manual
  • Basic software bundle
  • Slippery, drop-prone body

Features: 1/2

Ease of Use:



Casio’s shiny new, minimalist QV-R61 packages a powerful host of features into a sleek unintimidating package that is certain to appeal to those considering their first digital camera.


Casio adopts the commendable policy of producing a camera with an obvious aesthetic appeal coupled with a suite of features designed to get users up and away in a minimum of time. Controls and features are all but hidden on this ultra-compact unit, making for a smooth-handling body. Menu selection and options are slightly unconventional, like World Time and Alarm, but intuitively laid out and self-explanatory with useful help prompts.

The whopping 2” LCD screen is a distinct advantage over similar models in this range, but requires more handling care from users to prevent damage and the inevitable greasy fingerprints. For all its visual appeal, the QV-R61, like so many of its contemporaries, is drop-prone, so users must employ the supplied wrist-strap religiously.

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