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Product Name: HP Photosmart R707

Understated, simple and ultimately practical, HP should get more excited about the R707.

Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard
Price: $699.00 as at Nov 2004

Ideal For: Beginners who want a flying start with a neat, potent little package that gives feedback!


  • Smooth, robust design
  • Simple, easy-to-learn controls
  • Good (32Meg) Internal memory


  • Small LCD
  • Wide angle not wide enough
  • A bit expensive
  • No removable media included

Features: 1/2

Ease of Use: 1/2



A terrific little camera and a delight to use. Not overbearing or flamboyant, rather a solid, satisfying performer with a truly pleasant feel and action.


I'd always been sceptical about computer companies leaping sideways into new technology, but HP have done their homework with the R707 and produced a little darling that is both potent and simple. Many in-built technologies like red-eye removal, will greatly reduce, or even eliminate computer post processing. The menu structures are logical, completely intuitive and immediately recognisable - the instruction manual is almost superfluous. The R707 even has in-camera tips and help menu. The optics are adequate and the 3x optical is about 39-115 in the old (35mm) scale, which is not really quite wide enough in my mind. You might find yourself stepping backwards a lot at parties!

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