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Product Name: Nikon CoolPix 5200/4200

Serious entry-level compact with great suite of features and usability.

Manufacturer: Nikon
Price: 5200 $729.00;: 4200 $629.00 as at Nov 2004

Release Date:

Ideal For: Go-anywhere, all purpose unit for fussy photographers who don’t like to fuss.


  • High resolution, low noise images.
  • Useful zoom with excellent sharpness.
  • In-camera red-eye removal that works!
  • Logical function layout.
  • Scene-mode setup
  • Video mode


  • Expert users will find some post-processing of images required to yield optimal print results.
  • Tendency to underexpose slightly.
  • Small (1.5”) LCD

Features: 1/2

Ease of Use:



Enjoyable functionality and usefulness makes the 5200/4200 ideal for either a first camera or as an upgrade whilst delivering results to please users with high expectations. Not an ‘expert’ camera by any means, it has a comfortable, friendly interface that will ease newcomers into digital photography.


You’re going to enjoy using this little Nikon. It’s small enough for the “pocket or purse” set, and with a whopping 5MP (4MP on the 4200) resolution, you’re not compromising on image quality.

The generous folks at Nikon have installed a very useful 3x zoom, which is sufficient for the most common applications with the added selling feature of special high quality ED glass normally reserved for top-shelf Nikkor SLR lenses.

The icon-driven shooting mode selector will help you optimally set the camera for a wide variety of situations like ‘sunset’, ‘snow/ice’, ‘fluorescent’ etc thus avoiding funny discolorations in your finished prints.

The movie mode is capable of delivering TV-size (640x480) movies at 30fps. Although shot at this resolution, the results are quite impressive for a pocket still camera.

The LCD screen is about as small as you can effectively use, but you can easily and quickly zoom into detail areas and check your sharpness. The placement and labelling of controls is simple and logical on the rear and the recessed, top-mounted on/off switch will help the 5200 stay off while bouncing around in your Gucci handbag.

Computer connection is via USB. Internal memory is a very useful 12MB

Direct printing capable with PictBridge™ compatible printers and Epson USB Direct-Print.

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