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Product Name: Olympus CAMEDIA AZ-1

Sophisticated, yet fun compact with unique, high fashion styling and class-leading LCD size.

Manufacturer: Olympus
Price: A$499.00 as at Nov 2004

Release Date: April 2004

Ideal For: Style conscious, point-and-shooters who have little need for high resolution output.


  • Massive LCD screen
  • Groovy design
  • Lens zooms internally


  • Odd handling, easy to finger lens
  • No optical viewfinder
  • Minimal accessories

Features: 1/2

Ease of Use:



Stylish and capable, the AZ-1 is easy to use, intuitive and capable of satisfying results. If fashion is more important than function, definitely look at this one.


As with any hybrid-styled camera, look carefully at which features are sacrificed for the glamour factor.

The flash is minimal and resolution is now at the low end of acceptable in this price range. Some users will find the lack of an optical viewfinder an issue, and the enormous LCD will have small crowds gathering over your shoulder.

With a side-wheel and buttons, the arrangement and presentation of controls is unconventional yet intelligently laid out. If you are coming over from a more conventional camera, some unlearning may be required to quickly navigate the new layout. Initially you may find fingers straying in front of the curiously offset 3x optical zoom lens.

As mentioned, the huge LCD screen is some compensation for the lack of more conventional features, but the AZ-1 produces perfectly acceptable results, is infinitely pocketable and a great conversation starter.

The camera is suppled with a neat docking unit which removes all the plugs and sockets from the camera itself, further streamlining the already minimalist casing

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