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Product Name: Olympus C-8080 Wide Zoom

Powerful ‘prosumer’ package with excellent optics and great resolution.

Manufacturer: Olympus
Price: A$1499.00 as at Nov 2004
Release Date: March 2004.

Ideal For: Enthusiasts and serious amateurs who wants results, flexibility and versatility within limits


  • Versatile, feature rich
  • CF or XD media compatible
  • Fast power up
  • Excellent optics
  • hotshoe


  • CF access fiddly
  • No manual zoom control
  • Limited zoom (5x)


Ease of Use: 1/2



If you are aware of the C-8080’s limitations, you’ll find this camera a very satisfying tool capable of producing superb images.


Olympus can be congratulated for devising a range of cameras with their own distinct features, rather than try to conjure a once-size-fits-all unit fraught with compromises.

The wide-zoom C-8080 represents a clever addition to the range which would suit real estate agents and architects as much as tourists who like photographing old buildings and churches. The 5x optical zoom lens, although limited in range (28-140mm 35mm equivalent) is optically superb and is an excellent companion to the up-rated ultra-high resolution 8 megapixel CCD.

Some would say the look and feel is dated, others might say ‘familiar’. Either way, the menu system and features are all accessible in a logical manner even if you don’t immediately recognise it.

Professionals will find this a useful and versatile supplement to a more bulky kit with features and layout they would be comfortable with. While serious amateurs should also consider entry-level digital SLRs in their purchasing decision.

Battery is a fat 7.2V Li-Ion that should deliver good life and transfer is via fast USB 2.0

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