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Product Name: Ricoh Caplio GX

Advanced amateur compact with professional aspirations.

Manufacturer: Ricoh
Price: A$699.00 as at Nov 2004
Release Date: May 2004

Ideal For: Consumers looking for a rugged, full-featured compact with above average performance


  • Good ISO range
  • Rugged, sensible design
  • Minimal shutter lag
  • Good close-up macro
  • Alternate power options


  • Poor low-light image quality at high ISO
  • Awkward battery door
  • Ships without media

Features: 1/2

Ease of Use:

Overall: 1/2


A useful, well-built and generally capable device that should deliver the goods although the enhanced features don't adequately lift it beyond the competition.


Unlike other 3x optical zoom compacts, the Caplio GX opts to go wide instead of long, pulling back to a 35mm (film) equivalent of 28mm instead of the more common 35mm.

The expanded ISO range (64-1600) is useful, but quality tapers off sharply in the higher regions (400+) producing a bit too much noise to rank as a real professional tool. Within normal limits however, it performs satisfactorily. A TIFF output is available for the occasional critical application. Modest video capability is also built-in, plus you can add an external flash to hotshoe. Li-Ion/AA/AC power options are handy. The Caplio GX initially shipped without the Li-Ion battery (oops!), but Ricoh now include it as standard.

As a 5MP compact, the Caplio GX cuts it with most of the competition and has received lavish praise in other magazines, but the added features don’t really lift it into the ‘prosumer’ category it aspires to. However its rugged, all-metal construction should extend its life in the hands of clumsier ones.

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