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Product Name: Ricoh Caplio RZ1


Manufacturer: Ricoh
Price: A$499.00 as at Nov 2004
Release Date: .

Ideal For: First-timers who expect functionality and results from simplicity


  • Changeable colour panels (!)
  • Uncomplicated design and feel
  • Ultra-close-up macro


  • Li-Ion battery optional
  • No AF assist lamp
  • Lacks rigidity


Ease of Use: 1/2



The austere little Ricoh packs a decent 4MP CCD into a slim (30mm) case, touts the major selling points for this level of camera, but just doesn’t impress soundly enough to raise itself above the rabble..


Plain simplicity and unassuming design is one of the strong points of the diminutive RZ1. The fact my 8 year old child chose this camera over five other similar cameras reviewed here must say something in its favour.

The layout of functions is straight-forward, uncomplicated and easy to follow, while delivering perfectly adequate results.

Easy to dismiss as unremarkable, the RZ1 has, upon critical examination, everything you’d expect in a pocket-sized compact and few things you don’t. The removable, interchangeable mobile phone-like colour panels smack of gimmickry and only encourage clumsy fingers to bugger something. Consequently I’d prefer to see that ingenuity invested elsewhere in the camera.

The ultra-macro function, although theoretically advantageous is a bit unwieldy in practice. How do you illuminate something 1cm from the lens?

The multiple power options are also useful, but the unit only comes supplied with AA batteries – the Li-Ion battery and charger remain optional.

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