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Product Name: Samsung VP-D6050

A true convergence of still and video technologies in a compact, “guess what it is?” package.

Manufacturer: Samsung
Price: A$1799.00 as at Nov 2004
Release Date: .

Ideal For: Not-too serious photographers/videographers who like the idea of one less camera to carry


  • Enhanced portability
  • Multi-card reading capability (still)
  • Sensibly combined shared controls
  • Good standard accessory bundle and software


  • Limited expandability
  • Capable but unexceptional features


Ease of Use: 1/2



A practical, sensible combo unit that does each task well. Has appeal to travellers sick of fumbling through two bags of gear.


Some of the cameras reviewed here certainly blur the line between still and video, but the VP-D6050 completely fuzzes out. Whereas most of the still cameras are just that, with handy (sometimes) video capability, but Samsung’s latest plaything is a completely full featured unit in both respects. Boasting a 5.25 MP still camera with its very own 3x zoom lens built into a Mini-DV camera case, the VP-6050 is the type of hybrid device that was really inevitable, although the financial incentive is not huge.

Looking something like a compact, plasticised Bolex with all the lenses at the front, the “duocam” really does perform both tasks to full capacity, although in my mind at least, it will never escape the “compromise” tag. Samsung has, however, made some concession to the limited expandability if the V-D6050 by supplying a standard accessory and software bundle that looks like a Christmas hamper.

Samsung have some justification in making the claim that the unit is a value-packed combo when you consider digital video and still cameras are approaching price parity. Why not stick them both in the same box? Then there’s the convenience of not having to tote both devices on your next P&O cruise. Makes some sense, I suppose.

Assessing the layout of functions and controls requires some left brain/right brain switching as you work out which goes with what, but it begins to fall into place when you see that zoom, on/off, viewfinder and shutter are shared.

On the downside, you can’t upgrade either, so you’re stuck with a co-joined twin if you get sick of one.


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