Employee Confidentiality Agreement Uae

4. It should clearly indicate a time frame within which the agreement on the transfer of intellectual property takes effect. Depending on the nature of the IP transfer agreement used, the term may apply to a given date of transfer and transfer of existing or developed intellectual property rights, or to a date on which a term of employment or contractual relationship is expected. A clause in the pact is the non-compete clause that prevents an employee from cooperating with a competitor. Other clauses are non-poaching, non-dealing and non-appeal. Restrictions must be proportionate to protect a legitimate interest. Under Section 909, paragraph 3, of the BGB, alliances may be considered unenforceable if the employee has resigned or dismissed for unexplained cause. Key elements of a confidentiality agreement A well-developed confidentiality agreement should address, among other things, the following five essential elements: 2. It should clearly identify and describe the intellectual property to be allocated and/or transferred and transferred. This will help to accurately describe the intellectual property transferred and allocated. Depending on the nature of the use agreement relating to the transfer of intellectual property, the description of intellectual property may also contain information on all relevant applications or registrations, the associated "good will" (commercial greeting) or a description of the transferred assets. In Part v), Article 905 of the United Arab Emirates Civil Transactions Act stipulates that all workers must refrain from disclosing the employer`s professional and commercial secrecy at the expiry of the contract, as required by the agreement. Article 120 of the United Arab Emirates Labour Act (Part 6) allows employers to terminate the services of workers when the worker delivers secrets to the establishment in which he was employed.

Articles 53 and 54 of the United Arab Emirates Labour Act (Federal Law 8 of 1980) impose registration obligations on employers with five or more employees. Article 909 of Federal Law No. 5 of 1985 relating to the Civil Procedure Act for the United Arab Emirates also specifies the restriction for a worker not to disclose the company`s confidential information and states that "when a worker has access to work secrets in the course of his work or meets with the company`s customers, both parties may agree that the worker cannot compete with the employer or participate in work that is competitive after the termination of the employment contract with the employer." Types of confidentiality agreements A confidentiality agreement may be "unilateral" or "reciprocal." There is a unilateral confidentiality agreement when a single party discloses confidential information. When both parties exchange confidential information, there is a reciprocal confidentiality agreement. 2. Contract for the transfer of invention. This agreement awards all intellectual property rights to relevant work products established by a start-up`s staff or contractors after its inception. Contracts for the sale of inventions are usually signed not only by employees, but also by the founders of a start-up.

This ensures that the start-up has its own ownership of all items in its intellectual property portfolio. 5. It should clearly indicate a time frame within which confidential information is disclosed. A confidentiality agreement should have a period during which confidential information is disclosed. This term generally depends on the nature of the transaction or the relationship between the discloser and the recipient. However, to be valid, the contract must be limited to the time, place and nature of the work, to the extent necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the employer. As a general rule, non-competition and confidentiality clauses of geographic scope and duration must be proportionate.

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