Scrap Sale Agreement Format India

2. The seller sends these goods through the designated vessel, whose shipping vessel and the date of its arrival at the shipping port in India are sent to the buyer. 3. The seller must enter into an agreement with the master of the ship for the transport and delivery of these goods in the Indian port. 5. It is the buyer`s responsibility to have, through his banker, a letter of credit covering the price of goods, freight insurance and other costs in favour of the seller`s banker. 7. The document referred to above is served on the banker against the cashing of the akkreditatikus which, in turn, must provide the same to the buyer in order for him to deliver the goods in the Indian port. The delivery of the documents constitutes the delivery of the goods and, from now on, the goods are made at the buyer`s risk. 12. In the event of disputes or disputes between the parties arising from or relating to this act of any kind, the same thing is referred to the arbitration of a common arbitrator if it is agreed, otherwise two arbitrators will be appointed by each of the parties to the arbitration.

These arbitrators appoint a presiding arbitrator and the arbitration procedure is subject to the Arbitration Act and the Conciliation Act of 1996, or to an amendment to the 1996 Act. 8. It is the buyer`s responsibility to open a credit with his banker in favour of the seller`s banker. The buyer`s bankers assign the prize, on behalf of the seller, to the seller`s banker with the receipt of the title. 4. It is the buyer`s responsibility to have insured his values with the goods insured at the present physical condition and to establish an invoice. CET ACCORD, which was concluded on the date - between XYZ, a company incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 and headquartered in the company (hereafter referred to as a seller, the expression being considered an average value, including its successors and beneficiaries, unless it is contrary to the context or importance of that undertaking) of the ONE PART and the PQR (name and description of the person or corporation) (hereafter referred to as the unless this is repugnant to the context or importance of it, are considered important and include their successors and the beneficiaries of the assignment) of the OTHER PARTY. CONSIDERING that the seller is a producer of ` (Details of the activity) 9. When certain formalities must be carried out at the destination before the aforementioned goods are imported, the buyer is required to carry them out at his own expense. 6. After shipping these goods, the seller must send to his banker in the Indian port all the necessary documents, including the contract of a transport, an insurance policy, an invoice, etc. .

1. The seller agrees to sell the buyer and the buyer agrees to purchase Seller___________ products (hereafter referred to as "goods in question") at a price of Rs. The buyer has the right to check the goods to their destination satisfaction. If the goods do not comply with the model or specifications, the buyer has the right to reject the goods at the seller`s risk and expense.

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