Service Agreement In French

On the other hand, the service provider may require the customer to cooperate and provide in a timely manner all the information that may be necessary to fulfill its obligations by the service provider. The contract may also authorize the customer to request additional services at any time. In this case, it can be established that in the absence of a specific agreement between the parties regarding these additional services, the additional services are provided and billed in accordance with the general terms of sale of the claimant in force at the time of their service. In addition to the duration of the agreement, the agreement should also provide for the right of any party to terminate the contract in the event of violation of its obligations by the other party of law and without any judicial formality. Under French law, in the absence of specific provisions allowing a party to terminate an agreement, such a contract can only be terminated by court order. A confidentiality clause may impose confidentiality obligations on the service provider or both parties. The following information is in principle excluded from the scope of these confidentiality obligations: the services that the service provider should provide to the customer can be described through exposure. The extent, extent and nature must be clearly defined. The agreement should also specify which clauses (such as confidentiality obligations, insurance and guarantees, etc.) must survive their termination.

Such clauses should also have a duration, since under French law a non-fixed term obligation is considered indeterminate and can therefore be terminated at any time, with reasonable notice. To survive the termination of the contract, a confidentiality clause should provide that it applies for a specified period after the termination or expiry of the contract. As far as payment terms are concerned, the provisions of Article L Of Love apply.

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