Scuba Diving, Sunken History and Underwater Sightseeing

Updated Sept 2015


In the 'bubble cave' at Fish Rock, NSW. One of Rod's fave dive locations.

Rod would rather describe himself as a writer who dives, than a diver who writes.

Nevertheless, he holds PADI Open Water Advanced certification and has made more than 200 dives around the world including PNG, Fiji, Palau, Vanuatu, Tonga, California, Philippines, Christmas Island, Tahiti, Kiribati, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hawaii and, of course, Australia.

Instead of detailed descriptions and taxonomy of marine invertebrates, you can read about the fascinating history of a famous shipwreck like the SS Yongala or SS President Coolidge.

Dive with him as he 'discovers' an aircraft wreck in the murky waters of PNG, then trace the surviving crew for a gripping description of the crash landing and their ultimate rescue.


Rod keeps a safe distance from a Grey Nurse Shark - Fish Rock, NSW

Want to know about the latest rebreathers or regulators? Sorry, instead learn about the top dive resorts, liveaboard vessels and where to see the best stuff underwater. As for sea life, Rod has an understandable fascination with whales, turtles and dolphins but also an unsettling attraction to stingrays and big sharks.

“Swimming within arm’s reach of a four metre Grey Nurse shark is something you won’t forget in a hurry,” says Rod, “but then so is being in the middle of a Manta Ray ballet as the giant creatures swirl and twirl around you with their mouths wide open as if to swallow you whole.”

Diving from the transom on True North, one of the best liveaboards around.

Some examples: