Archive of commissioned work for Castrol's Liquid Engineering
This update: 11 May 1999

Words: Roderick Eime

Diesels At Sea - No Plain Sailing

Castrol develops effective countermeasures against the destructive by-products in marine diesel engines.

Mad About Lil

The story of Bruce Rose and Diamond Lil could almost be a movie. Set in the balmy tropics of far north Queensland, the pair tackle adversity on a daily basis.

STAMP of Approval

Castrol Australia is playing an important role in a major Research & Development project conducted jointly by the Deakin and Australian National Universities.

Captain Cook Cruises on Castrol

When Australia's largest small-ship cruise company, Captain Cook Cruises, first laid plans for its largest floating restaurant and sightseeing vessel, it was always going to be Castrol lubricated.

New Age Generators are a Gas!

The Glenelg Waste Water Treatment facility in suburban Adelaide has been in operation since before the First World War

Top Cats Down Under

Queensland-based Noosa Cat Australia, delivers a range of world-class, all-weather powered catamarans built on a solid Australian heritage.

Remarkable Events at Sea No Mystery

You could accuse John Hughson of JJ Marine Craft of being a bit one-eyed when it comes to Castrol products. 

One Million... and Still Counting

Bill and Tammy Hickey are battlers in the bush. Not 'battlers' in the usual sense however, because they're winning! And they're winning because they make the right decisions about the things that concern them most.

Old Timer Pumps Castrol

Some people say collectors are nuts. If that is true, then Norm Raddatz is a Castrol "nut".

RiverCats Purring Again

It was just on five years ago when Sydney Ferries contacted Castrol with a particularly nasty problem they were having with the Schottel Steerable Rudder Propulsion units (SRPs) on the new RiverCats.

Sunlover Cruises To Success On Castrol 

Sunlover Cruises burst onto the Cairns cruise scene as precocious newcomers back in 1991. 

Austal Ships Buoyant

Freemantle, known around the world as a hub of maritime activity has, just to its south, the town of Henderson, also flourishing from the expanding marine industry.

Scania Makes Fluid Move

Scania, one of the most respected names in heavy trucks, has chosen to install the new Macnaught Inventory Control Plus Fluid Monitoring and Management Systems in their new, state-of-the-art workshop.