Technology and Gadgets

satelliteIn a past life, Rod used to work at a commercial radio station, running cables, wiring looms and fixing stuff. He studied for the Broadcast Operators Certificate of Proficiency and could assemble a 10kW vacuum tube transmitter blindfolded. Not much call for that these days. He worked front-of-house sound for rock bands and knew the difference between a decibel and a megaohm. He and technology have come a long way since then, but Rod still has a knack of decoding geek-speak and translating it for mass market consumption. Today he’s happy to tackle anything from telecommunications, personal computing and digital gadgets to satellite broadcasting for lifestyle, leisure and niche magazines.

“The pace of technological change today is staggering,” says Rod, “and keeping up with it all is a full time job. In that respect, I’m just like regular folks with a fascination for new things, how they work and what you can do with them. Nowadays, however, if smoke comes out of something, it goes in the bin.”