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The Traveloscopy suite of travel sites is a family of travel news, feature and editorial sites designed to offer support to travel companies for the dissemination of news and offers.

As of March 2014, the total Traveloscopy network monthly page count was in excess of 250,000. - the original travel 'portal' site established in 1999. Accounts for around 150,000 PVs each month. - WordPress content and news site established expressly to support the hardcopy Adventure Cruise Guide published in conjunction with Cruise Passenger Magazine - blog style news site set up to support Adventure Cruise Guide. Publishes news gathered from various sources including directly from cruise lines and specialty agencies. NEW Specially designed for the burgeoning Australian adventure cruise market - established in 2005 as an editorial project in support of specialist agency, Adventure Associates. Now a travel editorial outlet focusing on adventure and eco-travel experiences. - blog format news site for travel consumers, offers, deals etc - blog format news site for travel professionals - site used by Rod for re-publishing press articles and updates on travel activities. See also: - blog format news site for travel consumers. Content for this site is supplied exclusively by John Crook and David Ellis - blog format general interest travel site with feature stories and editorial-styled content - wine news and wine theme travel site. Content is supplied exclusively by David Ellis and from selected news and PR sources. Plus this NEW one, with Winsor Dobbin - site used by Rod since 1996 to host re-published travel press stories and support earlier promotional activity. Now largely superseded by - launched originally in support of an agency promotion. Now hosting Antarctica-related travel information. See also: blog

Traveloscopy owns the following travel domains:,,,

Traveloscopy also hosts the following client sites: - award-winning travel writer and author. See also: